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WissDB Business Transactions




part of C_WissDB [?]

API –  the system’s Application API – is an abstract specification of the set of services available to WissDB applications and, via C_WissDB_GUI [?] , also to human users who want to use it interactively.

C_WissDB_CLI [?] is a command line interface equivalent to C_WissDB_API.


This component offers services to capture, classify, correlate and communicate practice instances and sample results in the context of processes for requirements engineering, software development, software support and software maintenance.

WissDB can be used to manage reusable software components as well as much more abstract reusable project results.

Has to:

Interprete or create objects of type:

§      B_Knowledge_Package

§      B_Query_Specification

Implement, for the user, the following services:

§      S_Check_Package

§      S_Save_Package

§      S_Open_Practice_Candidate

§      S_Reject_Candidate

§      S_Accept_Candidate

§      S_Search_for_Candidates

§      S_Search_for_Knowledge

§      S_Export_Descriptions

§      S_Export_Knowledge

§      S_Describe_Knowledge_DomainValues

§      S_Replace_or_create_Knowledge_DomainValues

§      S_Rename_Project

§      S_Testsupport_New_Knowledge_Base


Make all these functions available at least via

§      the command line interface C_WissDB_CLI [?] , and 

§      a REST conform web-based user interface C_WissDB_via_HTTP [?] .

Each of these functions must be protectable via C_Access_Control [?] as a separate resource (so that, depending on their role, users or applications might be restricted to use only some of these functions).

User Roles to be supported by C_WissDB_API are

§      A_Knowledge_Provider

§      A_Knowledge_User

§      A_Knowledge_Administrator

§      A_Knowledge_Schema_Administrator

§      A_Tester


All the services (= functions) named above have to be available, to the end-user, via a graphical, web-based user interface, i.e. via a web browser such as MS Internet Explorer.

They also have to be available via a suitable Java or C++ API.

A command line interface (CLI) must allow the user to invoke each service S_ also from the NT command window or out of a batch file.


The implementation of all these interfaces has to comply with the rules specified in C_WissDB_API, C_WissDB_CLI [?] , and C_WissDB_GUI [?] .


Because of:

Requirements detailed in D_( WissDB / Purpose and Requirements ) .




Actors and Business Processes supported by C_WissDB_API

.    A_ System_Administrator

.    A_ Knowledge_Schema_Administrator

.    A_ Knowledge_Administrator

.    A_ Knowledge_User

.    A_ Knowledge_Provider

Data Views for C_WissDB_API

.    B_ Knowledge_Base

.    B_ Knowledge_Base_Schema

.    B_ Locator_Restrictions

.    B_ Query_Specification

.    B_ Default_Selector

.    B_ Search_Result

.    B_ Knowledge_Package

.    B_ Practice_Candidate

.    B_ Root

.    B_ Structure_Format

Services offered by C_WissDB_API

.    R_ How to describe and report Application Errors

.    S_ Check_Package

.    S_ Save_Package

.    S_ Open_Practice_Candidate

.    S_ Reject_Candidate

.    S_ Accept_Candidate

.    S_ Search_for_Candidates

.    S_ Search_for_Knowledge

.    S_ Export_Descriptions

.    S_ Export_Knowledge

.    S_ Describe_Knowledge_DomainValues

.    S_ Replace_or_create_Knowledge_DomainValues

.    S_ Rename_Project

.    S_ Testsupport_New_Knowledge_Base

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