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B_ Locator_Restrictions

Definition owner is C_WissDB_API



A value of type D_Locator ist a string /N/ or X/N/ or A/ such that


§      N is a name 

§      X is again a D_Locator

§      A is a positive integer used to abbreviate a Project Locator.


A Project Locator is a D_Locator 


§      not starting with a number an not containing any of the names Process, Role, Aspect, Result,

–      or a D_Locator of the form X/Project/N such that N is a Name and X is a D_Locator (X may start with a number).


Number 1 and 2 are reserved to abbreviate the Project Locators /Default and /WissDB.


Given a D_Locator L not starting with a number, let n(L,k) be the name on position k in this locator.

Under the assumption that n(L,k) is one of the names Project, Process, Role, Aspect, Result, and assuming further that j > 0 is the smallest number such that n(L,k+j) is again one of these names, the following restrictions apply:


§      n(L,k+1) must be different from n(L,k).

–      n(L,k ) and n(L,k+j) may both be Result. In this case however we must have j > 1.

–      If n(L,k) = Role, then n(L,k+j) does not exist.

–      If n(L,k) = Aspect, then n(L,k+j) does not exist.

–      If n(L,k ) = Project and n(L,k+j) = Process, then j = 1.

–      If n(L,k ) = Process and n(L,k+j) = Role, then j = 1.

–      If n(L,k ) = Process and n(L,k+j) = Aspect, then j = 1.


Given a locator L = X/Process/N or L = X/Result/N that is in use, the locator L/Description should also be in use (in other words: WissDB is to enforce that each Process or Result has a description).


Other entities may have a description but will not be forced to have one.


A general rule (WissDB will not be able to enforce) is: The locator of a knowledge item X should be prefix of the locator of another item XX if and only if

–      XX is an essential part of X, or

–      XX will make sense only in the context of X.


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