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B_ Structure_Format

Definition owner is C_WissDB_API


Given the B_Root X of a B_Knowledge_Package, the file X/ Structure is an ASCII text file describing each item’s structure in the following format (each minus sign in column 1 following an empty line, each dot in column 4 followed by two spaces):



-  ItemLocator

   .  AttrName: Value

   .  AttrName: Value



Here an AttrName is the name a_N of a (concrete or logical) attribute shown in the WissDB ERD found in section 2 of D_( WissDB/ Design/ Data Model ) .


If X/ Structure is a file created by S_Check_Package, there will be no AttrName lines, but the file will contain a header of the form



   Package Structure (as of YYYY.MM.DD.HH.MM):



Before submitting such a package to S_Check_Package or S_Save_Package, the user himself will have to add AttrName lines representing relationships of type R_Is_related_to. For each of them the AttrName is to be a presentation of a currently valid D_CorrelationType value.


As far as relationships of type R_Is_keyword_for are to exist, they need to be added in form of sections taking the form



-  AspectLocator

   .  ItemLocator

   .  ItemLocator



If X/ Structure is a file created by S_Export_Descriptions, AttrName lines are shown, and the file will contain a header of the form



   Structure of Search Result (as of YYYY.MM.DD.HH.MM):



and a last section



   Item Classification:



containing all R_Is_keyword_for relationships currently stored in the B_Knowledge_Base. The last line of this section will always be


   end Item Classification in Search Result as of YYYY.MM.DD.HH.MM



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