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S_ Export_Knowledge




part of C_WissDB_API


Using this service the user can ask WissDB to fully export the knowledge found via S_Search_for_Knowledge.


§      In: PackageRoot

        An absolute path X into the file system such that the file X/ Selector exists and contains a not empty last section Included and Excluded Items.

§      Out: AppErrors

        Must not be empty if the result file could not be found or if the package described therein could not be produced completely.

§      Out: ReturnCode is one of the following values:

–      RC_ok

–      RC_syserror

–      RC_seeAppErrors


Has to:

Copy to X all content associated to locator values found checked in the section Included and Excluded Items of X/ Selector.


Because of:

WissDB users need a service to export knowledge items found via one or more calls of S_Search_for_Knowledge.



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