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S_ Open_Practice_Candidate




part of C_WissDB_API


This is the function allowing the user to copy to his workstation a currently existing practice candidate.


§      In: PackageName

        The name of a previously stored practice candidate (S_Search_for_Candidates can tell you which candidates currently exist).

§      In: PackageTo

        The absolute path to the place where the user wants to work with the current version of practice candidate (a knowledge package).

§      Out: Submitter

        Is a string representing an e-Mail address: a value E_Candidate.A_from.

§      Out: AppErrors

        Is to describe an AppError if the package could not be found or could not be written to the place given in PackageTo.

§      Out: ReturnCode is one of the following values:

–      RC_ok

–      RC_syserror

–      RC_seeAppErrors


Has to:

Find and extract the package identified by PackageName.



Because of:

End users need a way to hand over practice candidates to the WissDB system.

A_KnowledgeAdministrator may want to edit a package and the store a new version not yet good enough to be merged into the B_Knowledge_Base.



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