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B_ Knowledge_Base_Schema

Definition owner is C_WissDB_API


Value Specification:


An object of type B_Knowledge_Base_Schema is created as follows: 


§      Let A_System_Administrator provide an empty B_Knowledge_Base. Then:

§      Use S_Replace_or_create_DB_DomainValues to define valid values for

–      D_ItemType

–      D_PracticeType

–      D_ViewType

–      D_AbstractionType

–      D_UsageType

–      D_CorrelationType

§      Convince yourself that now there is at least one valid value for each of these domain types.

§      Use S_Update_Aspect_Knowledge to create a default classification schema (a set of aspect locators in use all having 1/ Aspect as their shortest preLocator).

§      Use S_Update_Process_Knowledge to create a suitable default process structure (a set of process and role locators all having 1/ Process or 1/ Role for their shortest preLocator).

§      Convince youself that now there is at least on aspect, process and role locator in use that does not end with the name Aspect, Process or Role resp.


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