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Services offered by C_WissDB_DL_API

This section contains the logical design of the WissDB DL_API API. We start by describing important requirements on the form this API has to take:



R_ Requirements on DL_API API Implementation

R_ Project Locator Presentation

S_ Update_Process_Knowledge

S_ Update_Aspect_Knowledge

S_ Update_Result_Knowledge

S_ Ensure_Association

S_ Forget_Association

S_ Reclassify_Item

S_ Set_Content

S_ Get_Content

S_ Get_Skeleton

S_ Select_Results

S_ Select_Items

S_ Select_Processes

S_ Exclude_Aspects

S_ Exclude_Processes

S_ Exclude_Results

S_ Describe_DB_DomainValues

S_ Replace_or_create_DB_DomainValues

S_ Set_Alias

S_ Get_Alias

S_ Testsupport_New_DB

S_ Testsupport_DL_API_Reaction_Scope

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