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S_ Exclude_Aspects




part of C_WissDB_DL_API


This is the function to ask the B_WissDB_Database for certain aspect and/or result skeletons.


§      In: Locators

        Is a set of values of type D_Locator.

§      In: Aspects

        Is a set of Aspect Locators (which are D_Locators prefixed by Aspect/).

§      Out: Skeleton

        Is the largest subset of the given set of Locators such the for each element X in Skeleton one of the following conditions holds:

–      X is an aspect locator currently in use, and some element of Aspects is preLocator of X.

–      X is a result locator currently in use, and the relation

                     Database.R_Is_keyword_for.( A_keywordLoc , A_forLoc )

        contains a pair ( A, K ) such that K is a preLocator of X, and some element of Aspects is preLocator of A.

§      Out: AppErrors

        Is to contain a warning for each element of Aspects that is either not an aspect locator or a locator currently not in use.

§      Out: ReturnCode is one of the following values:

–      RC_ok

–      RC_syserror

–      RC_seeAppErrors

–      RC_seeWarnings

Has to:

Create the Skeleton as explained above.


Because of:

C_WissDB_API needs a way to implement S_Search_for_Knowledge (and, especial­ly, the effect of the Exclude section in a B_Query_Specification).


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