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S_ Describe_DB_DomainValues



part of C_WissDB_DL_API


This is the function to ask the B_WissDB_Database for a specification of the values allowed for domains that are enumeration types.


§      In: CSV_Dir

        This is the B_URL to an existing folder in the file system.

§      Out: CSV

        This is the content of the file CSV_Dir/ DomainValues.csv describing in   B_Domain_Update_Format all valid values of type

§      D_ItemType

§      D_PracticeType

§      D_ViewType

§      D_AbstractionType

§      D_UsageType

§      D_CorrelationType.

§      Out: AppErrors

        Is to describe an AppError is the CSV_Dir could not be found or if the file therein could not be written.

§      Out: ReturnCode is one of the following values:

–      RC_ok

–      RC_syserror

–      RC_seeAppErrors


Has to:

Create or re-create the file CSV_Dir/ DomainValues.csv.


Because of:

Applications of C_WissDB_DL_API need a way to ask which values are currently allowed for enumeration domain types. Domain types must be allowed to be re-configured.


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