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S_ Reclassify_Item




part of C_WissDB_DL_API


This is the function to update the attributes of an existing E_KnowledgeItem and/or to change the set of aspects associated to this item.


§      In: Locator

        Is an instance of type E_KnowledgeItem.A_Loc.

§      In: Type

        Is either NULL or an instance of type D_ItemType.

§      In: View

        Is either NULL or an instance of type D_ViewType.

§      In: Abstraction

        Is either NULL or an instance of type D_AbstrRequest .

§      In: Usage

        Is either NULL or an instance of type D_UsageType.

§      In: Practice

        Is either NULL or an instance of type D_PracticeType.

§      In: Process

        Is either NULL or a process locator (that must exist in B_WissDB_Database).

§      In: Aspects

        Is either NULL or a – possibly empty – set of aspect locators (all of them must exist in the B_WissDB_Database)

§      Out: AppErrors

        Is to describe AppErrors if the given Locator is currently not in use, or if one of the new attribute values is a value currently not allowed according to the data found in the table B_WissDB_Database.E_DomainValues.

§      Out: ReturnCode is one of the following values:

–      RC_ok

–      RC_syserror

–      RC_seeAppErrors


Has to:

Update the B_WissDB_Database to the effect that the E_KnowledgeItem instance identified by the given Locator will get new attribute values.

Attribute values with the restriction NOT NULL will be updated only in as far the new value is not NULL. The same holds for attributes not existing on the item in question because it is not a Result/ (or a practice instance).

If the item to be updated is of type E_Result or E_Practice, the function has to return with RC_seeAppErrors if at least on of the locators in ofProcess or Aspects is not an element of E_Process.A_Loc resp. E_Aspect.A_Loc.

Whether an item is a Result/ or not can be can be learned from the Locator.

Please note:  Depending on the new value for A_PracticeType , the item updated may be upgraded from E_Result to E_Practice, or may be downgraded from E_Practice to E_Result.



Because of:

C_WissDB_API needs a way to reclassify knowledge items.

To support upgrade resp. downgrade of E_Result resp. E_Practice instances is im­portant because technology is changing fast, and so a Result that is today a Best Practice may no longer deserve this quality one or two years later.


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