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B_ WissDB_Database

Data view owner is C_WissDB_DL_API


Value Specification:


§      For each WissDB installation there is one and only one such value.

§      The data structures it is to support are discussed in D_( WissDB/ Result/ WissDB/ Design/ Data Model ) .

§      This value can be updated and read only via the services described in this document (so that applications do not know whether this database is implemented via Enabler or a relational DBMS). They need to be general enough to implement a B_Knowledge_Base.

§      B_WissDB_Database takes the form of a tree-like structured unit containing subunits that are instances of one of the following entity types (semantics unknown):

–      E_Process

–      E_Role

–      E_Practice

–      E_Result

–      E_KnowledgeItem

–      E_Aspect

–      E_DomainValues

–      E_Alias


§      The treelike structure is a logical structure (not a physical one).

§      In addition to the tree-like structure (given by attributes A_Loc ) there is correlation structure implemented in the form of binary relations

–      R_Is_related_to

–      R_Is_keyword_for



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