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V_ Locators

When reading the rest of this document, please keep in mind the following definitions:

A Locator is a value of type D_Locator (which is a sequence of D_Name values each followed by a slash).

Reserved names are:

§      Aspect

§      Result

§      Role

§      Process

§      Package

§      Description

§      Selector

§      Structure

A locator X is called

§      Project locator, if it does not contain a reserved name,

§      Aspect locator,  if the last reserved name in X is Aspect,

§      Process locator, if the last reserved name in X is Process,

§      Role locator, if the last reserved name in X is Role,

§      Result Locator, if the last reserved name in X is Result,

§      Description Locator, if the last reserved name in X is Description, Selector, or Structure.

§      Package Locator, if matching the pattern Package/ D_Name.

X is said to by a preLocator of another locator Z if either X = Z or X is a prefix of Z.

A true preLocator of Z is a preLocator of Z that is shorter than Z.

A locator is said to be in use if and only if the B_WissDB_Database contains on object Y such that X is preLocator of Y.a_Loc.

The implementation of C_WissDB_DL_API has to guarantee that each result locator in use has a preLocator that is a project locator.

Each project locator has an Alias that is a positive integer. It is to be created automatically and is to be seen as being a variable of type Project Locator. The value of this variable is case-sensitive and may be changed using S_Set_Alias.

Locators L being prefixed by a project locator need to be stored in the form N/ X such that N is the alias of a project locator and X is the unique rest of L always starting with prefix Aspect/, Process/, Role/ or Result/. We then call N/ X the Standard Locator currently equivalent to locator L.



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