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Notation and Terminology

Each concept specified in this design paper has an identifier starting with a prefix telling you the type of the concept. Prefix semantics are:



§      C_


A WissDB Component

§      S_


A service offered by a WissDB Component in form of at least an API

§      m_


Is so far a manual process only

§      P_


Business Process 

§      A_


Actor (a user role or a system role)

§      D_


The logical name of a Document

§      V_


A logical data view on top of the physical data stored in the DL_API database. Such a view must be definable via SQL (so that standard reporting tools can be applied).

§      B_


Business Object type (a B_x is a V_x such that all instances of type B_x are owned by a unique WissDB Component. Ownership is the right to define this view.



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