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Management Summary

This document is to specify the

WissDB Data Layer API

but may – later on – also contain implementation documentation.

All parts of the Data Layer API that have a name starting with S_ are to be implemented as self-contained methods that, if called, have to have atomic effect on the systems’s physical database.

The document contains essentially two parts:


§      Section Data Views is a description of all necessary data views, especially of those that represent business objects.


        Each view is described and discussed only in as far as it is not already discussed in D_( WissDB / Design / Data Model ) .


        Objects to be stored are metadata, i.e. they are instances of one of these types:

§      E_KnowledgeItem

§      E_Process

§      E_Role

§      E_Aspect   


        Each of these metadata objects may, or may not, have associated to it a value of type FILE (the so-called NodeValue). NodeValues are to be stored in the knowledge base itself.

§      Section Services describes functionality available as a high level data storage interface on top of which at least the services described in D_( WissDB / Design / The Business Layer ) can easily be implemen­ted.



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