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Management Summary

This document is to specify

WissDB as an Abstract Data Type

i.e. as the set of Methods WissDB Applications are allowed to envoke:


WissDB is a system to manage reusable Software Engineering results and practices.

All parts of the system that have a name starting with S_ are to be implemented as self-contained methods that, if called, have to have atomic effect on the systems’s physical database.

Consequences of specifying WissDB in form of an Abstract Data Type are:

§      WissDB can have presentation layers of any form, especially a web-based user interface easy to integrate into any company’s intranet.

§      Feeding knowledge (e.g. updated versions of practice instances) to WissDB is easy to automate.

§      Extracting knowledge from WissDB in an accountable, easy to reproduce way is possible.

The document contains essentially two parts:



§      Section Data Views is a description of all necessary data views, especially of those that represent business objects.


        Each view is described and discussed only in as far as it is not already discussed in D_( Design / WissDB / The Data Model ) .


        From a user’s point of view the most important business objects are

§      B_Knowledge_Package

§      B_Query_Specification

§      B_Search_Result 


§      Section Services describes functionality available via a WissDB user application programming interface on top of which a web-based dialog interface as well as a command line interface could be built.



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