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Notation and Terminology

The word Concept  - when used in this document - always refers to a typed concept in the following sense:


Each concept specified in a software design paper is given a name starting with a prefix telling you the type of the concept. Prefix semantics for the concepts currently supported by C_projweb [?] are:



        D_( ... )


A logical name of a document (a so-called Semi Title, need not be unique)



A requirement



A software component



A service offered by software component (and callable via at least an API)



An installation parameter



A task to be performed manually



A business process or a technical process supporting a business process



An actor (in the sense of a user role or a system’s role)



A view on data. It should be definable via SQL (so that standard reporting tools can be applied).



A business object type: Given any specific B_x , all instances of type B_x are owned by a unique Component. Creating instances is possible via this component only.



A typed name is an identifier following one of the prefixes defined in this list.


The prefix, denoting the type of Concept identified, may or may not be followed by a blank. The blank, if there, will tell the tool that this specific occurrence of the concept name should not become a hot spot.


Hyperlinks created by the tool C_projweb [?] .exe always start 

–      at an occurrence of a typed name, 

–      or at a navigational element added by the tool itself in order to provide useful hot spots to the reader of the web page.


To use type concept prefixes is all the author of a design paper needs to do in order to allow the tool to create a presentation in which human readers can navigate to the spec via one mouse click only.

If, on the web page, a typed name is not a hotspot, the corresponding concept is not yet specified (which also is useful information). The tool will mark such occurrences by adding [?]. This will help the QMB-P to see how incomplete the current design may be.

Note also: What we see as a component C_ can be defined to some extent in your project. The general rule however is: Everything not yet typed in the table above should be classified as a component, e.g. interfaces with a non-trivial protocol.



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