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Structure of Project Folder


All data in the Project Folder should be kept under a deepest node of the following structure:


§      Discussion

§      On TOPIC  (one or more such TOPIC Folders, each may have sub TOPIC Folders)

§      Management

§      Schedule

§      Budget   

§      Requirements

§      Agreed

§      Emerging       

§      Design

§      Agreed

§      Emerging       

§      Code     

§      Test

§      Design

§      Driver

§      Data

§      Results

§      QMB Reports

§      YY_MM_DD_ VersionName  (none, one, or more such  F R O Z E N  Product Version)

§      Requirements Agreed

§      Design

§      Code

§      Test

§      Release Notes

§      Products in Use

§      OpenSource

§      Licensed

§      Products under Evaluation

§      OpenSource

§      Licensed

§      Outdated     



Each file or subtree that is meant to be frozen (because it was published to a person different from the author) has to have a name of the form


        YY_MM_DD_ TOPIC


        such that TOPIC is content characterization and YY_MM_DD_ is the date of publication.


Folders not frozen may contain a subfolder Outdated. Files or folders not worth to be read any more should either be deleted or should to go there: Please, do not keep them elsewhere.



The Discussion folder is a set of subfolders ”On TOPIC” which contain files (mails and meeting notes) with an identifier of the form:


        YY_MM_DD_ TOPIC


        such that TOPIC is chosen by you. Files containing meeting notes should be named


        YY_MM_DD_ Meeting Notes


        so that they can be detected automatically.



Each Requirements folder only contains files named


        Requirements on TOPIC


        If the file is to be read only, the name is to start with a date (seen also as a version number):


        YY_MM_DD_ Requirements on TOPIC



Each Design folder should contain files named


        Design of TOPIC


        If the file is to be read only, the name is to start with a date (which can be seen as a version number):


        YY_MM_DD_ Design of TOPIC



Each folder may contain subfolders with names prefixed by x_ :



        The prefix x_ is to say:  Ignore me - this is temporary stuff not interesting to any other person than the one that created this folder (a kind of scratch area). We will not loose anything by deleting these data as soon as the Actor is no longer available.

        The purpose of such a folder is to have a place where we can hide away everything that only would confuse persons different from the author.

        PLEASE NOTE: The latest version of a document – even it is work in progress far from being complete or perfect in any sense – must NEVER be stored in such a place.



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