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Chinas Sozialkreditsystem

One key purpose of China's Social Credit System (SoCS) is
to drive home the message that non-compliance is not accepted anymore.

But the SoCS also serves to enforce repressive and exclusionary norms. Party control has been increasingly legally codified, such as control of political expression online, restrictions on civil society or potential retaliatory measures directed against foreign companies. It is important to systematically analyse the legal and regulatory development in China in the years to come.
Foreign actors need to accept the reality of an expanding Social Credit System in China – and develop strategies to deal with this reality.

Most important:
The SoCS is only a small fraction of China’s monitoring and surveillance capacities.
Public security driven surveillance initiatives, in particular, carry much broader rights implications.

More invasive domestic security platforms and initiatives have advanced rapidly and with significantly fewer limitations than the Social Credit System.


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