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What is a compentent Solution Architect?

He/she should be
  • a competent Requirements Manager
  • as well as
    • a creative Software (Black Box) Architect
    • and end-to-end test designer.

Testability of an application, e.g., is something a perfect solution architect will have to guarantee.
Maintainability of the solution to be created — until far into the future — is important as well.
For this to achieve, the architect is to establish
  • a process to garantee an always up to date specification of requiremments as well as black box interface design,
    Both documents are to be implemented in a form showing clearly all the differences between the implemented and the not yet implemented version of the requirements and as well as the black box interface of the system. [ New text shown in red might be a suitable soltion. ]
  • a process to guarantee an always up to date regression test suite as well as nice, complete documentaion of the results of each end-to-end test run,
  • a bug tracking system with suitable reporting functionality,
  • documentation of all budget consumed so far for what purpose (in order to have reliable data on which cost estimates for the implementation of not yet implemented, though later on required changes or functionality can be based on).

Note: Creating documents showing only the difference between two versions of the system is definitely NOT a good thing (because then, to get a complete picture, readers will always have to consult documentaion of all the versions implemented so far.


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