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Web Configuration WissDB

-w xs_WissDB~WissDB - eine Wissensdatenbank~A System to store & retrieve Knowledge Items


-? 1=o:/WissDB

-e 1/WissDB_DM.doc
WissDB - The Data Model explained

-L 1/er1/WissDB.er1.htm
WissDB - The Data Model: ERD and SQL presented in HTML

-e 1/er1/WissDB.er1.htm
WissDB - The Data Model presented as an Entity Relationship Diagram

-e 1/er1/WissDB.sql.htm
WissDB - The Data Model specified in SQL

-e 1/WissDB_AL.doc
WissDB - The Application Programming Interface

-e 1/WissDB_DL.doc
WissDB - A possible (internal) Database Layer API
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